Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The One with The Flatulating Acid-Spitting Zumzizeroo

I love how this layout turned out...Nathaniel was flat out obsessed with the movie The Cat in the Hat, for the longest time. The book too, but esp. the movie. It was a good nickname for him, LOL, so I was really pleased when Traci Reed and Meghan Mullins put out Rhyme Thyme and I could scrap his goofy nickname ;)

Hope you have a great day :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As a blog reader, there's nothing that peeves me more to see a poor, neglected blog. And my blog has become that poor neglected blog :D

I don't know, things have just been nuts. It's no excuse and it's the perfect excuse all at the same time! I won't even try to update you...we'll just jump back in with some layouts and some good news!

The good news first! In exactly THREE days I will be sitting at the Greyhound station at this time in the morning, waiting for my David to come home for Christmas exodus! He will be home for exactly two weeks and I'm over the moon!!!

When he goes back in January, it won't be that long before he is released from the Army, though. He will be getting an honorable discharge, but his ankles are simply preventing him from being able to run fast enough for the PT test. He can do push ups and situps till the cows come home but running is another story. They are still outprocessing him and the paperwork can take a little while, but at some point in January or February he will be home for good and we'll start our lives over....again ;0) David will find a new job (one with less running, hahah!) and then, you know what comes next right? Well happily ever after of course.

I'll leave you with a few pieces of eye candy!