Saturday, January 30, 2010

The One With The Quickie

Hiya bloggers! Just a quickie post from me has been a crazy couple of days and I haven't had time to post! Therein lies the rub...when you are really having a good time and have lots of interesting stuff to blog about, there's no time to blog! But I'll work on getting caught up over the next few days...for the moment I'm just going to share a few layouts, all with new products on sale at Sweet Shoppe Designs today!





ok so I gotta jet...busy day planned! :) Later!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The One With The Weekend Wrap-Up

So I shared some photo yesterday of our weekend...but honestly it was such a busy weekend that I couldn't fit it all in one post. So I figured I'd share a few more photos!

That pretty much wrapped up our weekend and it was back to the grindstone. Monday means grocery shopping. Which brings me to my Project 365 photos for the last two days :)

25/365: Imagine That. Tab & I went grocery shopping and I took my camera with the assumption that today's photo would be of my grocery cart....then I ran into an old friend! We chatted for a bit and then interrupted her work to snap a photo!...what fun!

Yesterday I had a quiet day of work and then...a dinner date!

26/365. All Dolled Up. Had James over this evening for a very exciting date we've been planning...Wheel of Fortune and my infamous white chicken chili.Definitely something to dress up for right?

And's Wednesday. What do you have planned for today? Will you document it in photos? I don't have anything exciting planned. I'm headed out for some fasting I must get out the door before I ... cave and eat one of these cupcakes! ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One With Saturday Fun!

As promised, I have no To-Do Tuesday today...I'm trying to take it easy and focus on healing! I figured I'd share some snapshots from our Saturday though. Just a trip to the park and the salon, but in the middle of January when you luck out and get a 50 degree day, it is something to celebrate! :)











So that, in a nutshell, was our fun-filled afternoon. Really it was quite an ordinary day, but that's the best part about it! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

The One With The Small Setback

So it would appear I've had a minor setback. Tomorrow I'll be 4 weeks post-op from my abdominal surgery and I was recovering well, or at least I thought. I *sort of* got the kids back last week. I say sort of because the first day was really rough, I overdid it, and we had to revert to a time-share...kind of slowly reintroducing me to the world of parenting a VERY rambunctious one year old and a precocious three year old, all while trying to heal.

Last night I went to the ER and was given my marching orders, the raised eyebrow, the stern talking-to that they are not called "doctor's suggestions", they are called "doctor's orders".

Oh wait, let me back up and explain.

The kids came home on Tuesday. Tuesday was awful. I can't NOT lift these kids. Parker is always trying to climb on something, I have to get him down. Naomi can't get up on her barstool by herself to eat. You get the picture. Wednesday they stayed with Tab so I could recover from Tuesday.

Thursday I fell down the stairs.

Yep, slipped on mud. It's been rainy here. Friday I was recovering from that. Well by Saturday I felt well and I got the kids back, presumably for the final time this time. James and I took the kids to the park. Do you think I managed to not lift either child at all? No. Then we took them for haircuts. On Sunday we went to James' family's house and again...lots of overdoing it. I picked them up over and over again. I thought that because I was doing it from a seated position it would be ok.

By last night I was wishing for death my pain was so great. Needless to say, I'm home, alone again *sniff* and resting. I miss my kids so much! At this point it has been so long since they've been down here with me full time it actually feels strange. It was so nice to have them back this weekend and it felt back to normal...but obviously my body isn't ready for back to normal. So they're going to stay with Tab another week...maybe even two. Two weeks will get me to my 6 week post op mark and I should get the all clear from my doctor to resume normal activity.

Do I have a point? I suppose it is ... if you have surgery and you are feeling well...still take it easy...I'm reminded constantly of "what a major surgery this was" by the doctors and nurses and my friends at the hysterectomy board. I guess I've just felt so well that I pushed myself too hard. Also...if a loved one of yours has surgery like this...remind them of the same. It's hard because when you are feeling well, those around you expect that you are back to normal but it's really not time to be overdoing it.

There's no good segue but here are my P365 photos for the weekend:

Saturday my new camera bag came in the mail:

and here's a shot of Parker at James' dad's house yesterday. He was quite easily entertained with a cup for a while...they kids even fought over it. Go figure.

I'll probably forgo 'To-Do Tuesday" tomorrow, as I'm ordered to not do that much! Instead, I'll round up more of our photos from this weekend...the park stuff especially, and share more with you...I may be regretting it now, but it still was an amazingly fun weekend! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The One With The Project 365 Progress

I'm making good progress on my P365. By this time last year I had given up completely, and I only finished 2 weeks worth of layouts. I'm already ahead by having 3 weeks down! Here is my week 3 layout:

The credits are here.

And here is my 22nd photo for the year, mommy's little helper. She is at that really precious age where helping me with whatever it is I'm doing, is her favorite thing to do.

Have a great weekend bloggers! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The One With Something Up My Sleeve

I'm planning something fun or Sunday...isn't it exciting when you have a secret? I feel all giddy inside. I made this simple invite and now I'm even more excited. My inspiration came from here and the kit here.


and speaking of fun are holiday M&M's? My fave! So, my P365 photo for yesterday :)


Today I'm working on my week three P365 layout and tying up some other loose ends...some tidying in the house, some scrapping, and getting ready for the weekend! Have a great one! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The One With The Hum Drum

Yesterday was a bit hum-drum for me so I don't have a ton of things to share. I worked on some designwork, continued to upload my photos to flickr for a backup, and worked on doing some clean up on my hard drive. Renaming files, deleting things I don't need, that sort of thing. Tedious and boring! My mood seems to be fluctuating more this week than it has the rest of my recovery period, so I picked back up this book and began reading it again: I began it before the surgery but haven't finished it yet. I had felt great emotionally until just a few days ago. This week has been a bit tougher though, so I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. That includes a doctor's appointment this morning that I have to run and get ready for! So, I'll see you peeps tomorrow! :) Have a great Thursday! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The One With The Soup Recipe!

Happy Wednesday, Friends! How was your Tuesday? Mine was crazy since the kids came back home after my surgery. We are staggering their return the moment they are back upstairs while we correct some snafus we ran into with them being home yesterday...(what do you mean, Parker can now climb onto the counter? He's only been gone 3 weeks! etc) I swear they were like little tazmanian devils yesterday...but we had a lot of fun! Here was my P365 photo. Parker kept wanting to look at the camera, it was hilarious.

And I found a layout I hadn't shared yet, would you like to see?

Layered Up In You Stacks by Lauren Grier
I've Been Waiting For This Moment by Lauren Grier
Borderline 2 by Lauren Grier
DJB Brittany Script by Darcy Baldwin
So Chic by Jacque Larsen

And, I promised you a recipe today! I would LOOOVE to take credit for this recipe myself but alas, James located it with his friend google. So, the yummy potato soup that was my P365 photo for Sunday was found here:
Loaded Potato Soup Recipe

When James and I made the soup, we followed the recipe exactly and it turned out PERFECT! I've never had a potato soup better than this at home. The consistency and flavor are right on target!

Well, that's all from me for today...see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The One With The Second Try

I'm going to try To-Do Tuesday again. I enjoyed making a list (and actually working through it!) last week. Today is going to be busy, probably busier than what the list even says...but here's my take on today.


Now wish me luck on getting it done! Some stuff is easy but I'll forget if I don't write it down. Some days Tab and I remind each other at lunch put dinner in the crockpot :)

Speaking of food, tomorrow I'm going to share our potato soup recipe that I mentioned yesterday!

But, I digress. I hope you're having a great week. Mine is good so far! Here is my P365 photo from yesterday, nothing too exciting. Was just sorting out the kids' toys (as they multiplied at Christmastime!)

I should go then, and work on this list. 'Till tomorrow, friends :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

The One With The Busy Weekend!

I find weekends are pretty busy for people...but this weekend was crazy busy! I'll get a chance to share my P365's from the weekend though. Today I'm one day shy of 3 weeks post-op and the kids are coming back home to me. I have missed them SO. MUCH. But the weekend was my one last chance for rest and relaxation. After 2.5 weeks of being in the house I was going stir crazy! So, I went to Lexington to spend the weekend with my boyfriend.

Friday night was quiet. We went to IHOP and watched some Netflix. Saturday we went to see Daybreakers (meh.), got some Jelly Belly's at the mall, went for a walk at the Arboretum (it was almost 60 degrees!) and went to a new cupcake store that opened across from his place. It was so yummy!

Sunday we went to visit his family and had Sunday dinner with them (a tradition in their family, though "dinner" is at noon. I enjoy the together time and any meal I didn't have to cook is a blessing, right? Later, James and I made loaded potato soup for dinner...his kitchen isn't that big so it was interesting squeezing us both in there but it was fun making it together and the soup turned out delicious!

This morning though, it's back to the normal work week for me...I'm home, feeling refreshed, and ready to resume a normal routine with my babies!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The One With Friday!!!

I am SO happy it is Friday and I'm sure I'm not alone in this!

Yesterday's P365 photo comes to you by way of storyboard. I was so happy when my camera came in the mail, that of course my photo of the day had to be me ecstatically holding my camera. Maybe I don't look ecstatic--truth be told I look like I'm in love :P


And because that was out of the way, I went ahead and did my Project 365 week two layout. I really love how it turned out! :) And, I'm going for matchy matchy this year, so you can see how it compares to week one.

It's time for me to get this Friday started...if I don't blog over the weekend, I'll see ya Monday! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The One With The Small Projects

I realized yesterday that I had a zillion small projects unfinished. I needed to wrap up a little bit of scrapping, a little bit of work, a little bit of home organizing. Well of course I didn't get to all of it...but I did tie up *some* loose ends at least. I worked some and I finished up my scrapping portfolio for January. I still plan to scrap some but it will be my CT work and stuff I just want to do. I needed a new fridge layout and those ones...I spend a lot of time on...because I have to look at them all the time! I spent a few hours and came up with this...I'm so happy with it! The credits can be found here.
At 15 days post-op, I was allowed to drive again. It was nice to have my freedom. I went to town to pick up a few things and it was nice to drive myself! :) Hence, my 365 photo for the day !

OH!!! Fed-Ex says that my camera will be delivered today!!! I could SHOUT IT I am so excited. I have missed my DSLR so much...hug your camerababies a little tighter for me! ;)

Well, I'm going to work some more today on finishing up those little projects...'till tomorrow, friends! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The One With The Happy Day

I had a happy day yesterday. I'm generally a happy-go-lucky person anyway, but you know that great feeling you get when it's just an awesome day? Nothing spectacular happened. I spent time organizing and cleaning, which is one of my favorite activities. Since I've been recovering from surgery, I haven't been able to do much of that and I was going through withdrawal I think.

I talked on the phone with my best friend and my sister (she is just upstairs but we use an intercom feature on our phones). I had my boyfriend over for dinner and made my favorite meal, chicken tacos. And, I got good news that my camera was repaired. Just a really great day.

My DSLR bit the dust at the end of October. One day it just stopped reading the memory card. I researched it and found it was a known problem with Canon Rebels. I couldn't afford the repairs at Christmastime though...I had other priorities. So I sent it off last week and my baby is safely on its way back home to me. I've been borrowing an old P&S from Tab. I appreciate the loaner, but the photo quality is terrible...mostly just a LOT of grain. But, it was such a happy day yesterday that this is what I decided to make my P365 photo about...just a happy me (grain and all) :) Have a Happy Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The One With To-Do Tuesday

I don't have categorized posts. I kind of wish I did. I don't really know what I would do, even if I did! Everyone has such neat ideas!! But today I wanted to try one on for size and try a To-Do Tuesday. I don't know if I'll stick with it or not, but I figured I'd try it anyway and share my to-do list with you. It was fun procrastinating and making the list instead of getting up and doing any of it HAHAH!!!!!!!!


It was fun because it was even my handwriting by Ms. Darcy Baldwin! If you don't have your own handwriting font, you should...because it's affordable and very neat to use for stuff like this, not just layouts! You can buy my handwriting too, but I recommend getting your own :P

Here's yesterdays' P365 photo...I love me a spinach salad! Now...I'm off to work on that list :) Till tomorrow, friends!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The One With Small Victories

Here are my two P365 photos from the weekend!

9/365. I Love My Bed. Didn't want to get out of bed today. Once I did get out of bed, have been scheming reasons to go back to bed. Now that the day is winding down, can't wait for bedtime.

10/365. Small Victories. I have been on a slow and steady weight loss journey. Today when I weighed myself I was happy to see I had lost just a little over 20 pounds in the last few months. Yay!

I have been scrapping some more, too. I am really enjoying it but it is almost time to print! I print when I have 100 layouts done and it is about that time again! Hard to believe! I really love both of these layouts of two of my favorite people in the whole world <3

The credits for these layouts can be found here.

That's all from me! I suppose it's time for me to get to work!