Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a quick note to say.....

Bella Gypsy has a TEAM BLOG now! Go here to check it out! My bloggie here will now get a chance to be used for all things personal again (woohooo!) And I promise to update it again soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The One With The Rockin' Tuesday!

For those about to rock....we totally salute you! I know I showed you our uber cool punk-y kits yesterday so I won't bother you again with the previews...but I wanted to show you a handful of pages that our CT made this Rock The Cradle, Rebel Yell, and One Tough Cookie! These kits are all new at Gotta Pixel today and only ONE DOLLAR EACH :) Ok, I'll stop yelling now. But...I made you a little bitty freebie too!

Click HERE to snag these babies at Gotta Pixel!

and click HERE to download the frame cluster freebies :)

And...have a rockin' tuesday...I have appts today...nothing that exciting to share..but I'll try to come back tomorrow and show you Parker's new haircut! :-) Toodles!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The One With Exciting News!

I'm here, I'm here! I'm eating leftover spaghetti for breakfast, I've got one eye propped open with a toothpick, and I'm here to share our exciting news!

I know I've been a bit scarce lately...I'm adjusting to designing as a full time income rather than a hobby and I'm adjusting to the "single mom" thing...sometimes it is a challenge and sometimes it is not...same as always. These few weeks have been CRAZY! But most of all we've been busy facilitating this little piece of news: (and maybe playing a little Sorority Life on Facebook)

So it's Monday and we have lots of great new goodies coming out today at Elemental Scraps...but they will also be coming out at Gotta Pixel tomorrow because we are joining their lovely community over there! Here is the ad...if you can't read the fine print you should read it here [it is important]: read the fine print.

Also...would you like to see what a dollar buys today? Of course you would! Empty your change purse into your paypal account and go snag these babies up for such a great discount, K?

We have 3 kits up and a new template pack...all $1 each at ES today! If you prefer to shop from GP, you can buy them there tomorrow, also for $1!
Have a great day friends!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When I Grow Up and Get Married.....


That's what Macaulay Caulkin proclaims as a child in one of my favorite Christmas Movies, Home Alone.

That's kind of how I feel.

I don't want to make my family disappear (most days) but there definitely is NO shortage of company around here...

It's such a strange feeling to be married and living alone. Separation and divorce is such a weird state of limbo. In my apartment it's me and the kids...but as most of you apartment is in my sister Tabatha's I'm not far away from company....and what that means is...

I've become a squatter upstairs :P

I know I'll outgrow it but for now I haven't been living much downstairs. I buy groceries and they go in Tab's fridge, I buy laundry soap and it goes in Tab's laundry room, and I only go downstairs to sleep.

I'm not scared of being alone. I relish it at times. But at the moment I'd just rather be with people who love me during my waking hours. Who wouldn't?

And for the record.....I apparently know I'm single on even a subconscious level at this point. They say that when you have mastered a foreign language, you will begin to dream in that language. Last night I dreamt....and in my dream I was single. So I thought that was an interesting turn of events...just a lot for my mind to process :)

And to those of you who have contacted me to ask how I'm doing...forgive me for my laziness in response. I'm actually doing quite well. I am focused on my work, my kids...and my happiness. I'm wading through a lot of crap to find my happiness...but it's out there...and I'm gonna get it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The One With The Exhale

There is our template pack for the week friends....Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Tabatha and I work ahead a few weeks on certain things so it's amusing to me that this is the template pack that finds its way for release today...wouldn't it be nice if life was easy peasy?

I've been a bit scarce and *some* of you know why....others do not. I'm going to bring you up to speed! Last week my marriage ended and my husband moved out of state. Things have been understandably stressful here in Bella Gypsy Land! But...we are getting along just fine :) It's an adjustment but life is full of change right?

My sister and I created a kit to mark my newfound singlehood. I am anxious and sad but I still have hope...and hope floats! So we created Hope Floats and the Hope Floats add-on. Enjoy these worn papers and inspirational word art....they are only $1!

The Hope Floats kit is ALSO only $1 :)

There is a special download included with the Hope Floats kit. It's a surprise (shhh, I can't tell you what it is but I promise it's really special!) It is from my friends at ES (that's the only hint you are getting!) and is a token of all of their love and support for me!

And we created these awesome unique girl and boy birthday kits for only $1 too!

Click HERE if you are interested in shopping with us today...we really do appreciate it!

And...thank you ALL for your prayers and positive thoughts!

I'll be back to blogging like my normal a jiffy!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The One Where You Can Consider Yourself Appreciated

Hello dearest readers!

It's me, I'm back ;) Sort of....

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging very soon...but I had to take a break from my hiatus today to come tell you I appreciate you! Elemental Scraps is having a Customer Appreciation Week right now and there are a ton of freebies up for grabs. Today Bella Gypsy has a surprise freebie for you and you can get it RIGHT HERE. Don't forget to tell me you stopped by...I love reading your comments!

And with that...I'll TTYS!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The One With Tuff Guys, Preppy Girls and a Freebie!!

Hey Bloggers! This is Tabatha stepping in for Lena this morning! She is having a brief break from blogging so I have come to talk to you about our new stuffs! We've got it all! Kits, templates and a FREEBIE! So keep reading if you want to hear more :)!

This is for all your little tuff guys out there! Grab Tuff Guy for $3.85 today!
Our creative team had a fun time working with this kit!

Lucky day! It is Free with Purchase Week at Elemental Scraps so if you purchase our Tuff Guy kit you will get these templates free! You can also buy them seperately if you just want the templates! Grab Sketchology: Put'em Up for 1.40 today!

We didn't forget the girls this week either! We have created one our favorite girls kit ever! Preppy and fun we hope you love it too! Grab Preppy Girl today for just $3.85!
Our team loved creating with this kit and we know you will too!
You guessed it! There are free templates with this kit too! Purchase Preppy Girl and you'll get Sketchology: Just Clique It free! Or you can purchase the templates for $1.30 seperately!

As promised we have an awesome freebie just you blog readers! We had so much fun creating Tuff Guy and Preppy Girl we couldn't stop! So here is another helping of Preppy Girl!
Click HERE to download Preppier Girl mini add-on!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The One With A Few Pages

So Blogger was really, really cranky yesterday! I ended up pasting in my own HTML but I'm so glad it is functioning again properly! The last time I remembering this happening was several years ago and it took a full week for it to be fixed!

I took advantage of the again-working features to upload a few layouts to share with you. While I am not a chronological scrapper, I have been doing two layouts with every kit so that I can print them in a neater fashion. The idea isn't mine, I totally borrowed it from Vanessa (nesser1981). I love the way her books looked with the kit continuity.

I finally got around to using this Dani kit I bought what seems like ages ago:

and I used this kit from Fee. I had so much fun with it!

I've been trying to make time to scrap every day and it helps me feel not behind. I have given up on the thought of ever going back and getting "caught up" since I had a five year old when I started scrapping, but I've been staying on top of my current month or two of photos which is nice.

Till tomorrow, friends!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The One About Tabatha

Today my big sister turns 30.

She's sad, but there's nothing to be sad about.

For 30 whole years, she's been blessing all of the lives around her.

I want to tell you about Tabatha.

Tabatha and I are very close in age. As a matter of fact, in one year and three weeks I will be turning 30 myself ;)

When we were very very young (3 and 2) our parents divorced and we were split up. My mom married a military man and my mom, stepdad and I traveled the world. Tabatha stayed in Kentucky with our dad. She was raised by our grandparents and set down strong roots here in KY.

We knew of each other but never were able to see each other until we were 17 and 18 respectively.

Wow. I know huh? Not a lot of people know that. It's no secret, it's just that it doesn't come up in common conversation.

We have spent the last 12 years making up for lost time!

We are about as close as two people can be.

And here are a gazillion reasons I love Tabatha.

1. Because even in 1998 we were a TON alike. We had never grown up together, but we liked the same things, said the same things, and wanted the same things.

2. Because she forgives me when I chase her around the apartment with a butter knife.

3. Because she loves my friends.

4. Because she loves my kids.

5. Because she gives good kisses ;)
6. And she puts up with me making her take photos with me.

7. She is very patient!

8. She is honest. Amazingly honest. One time, she had stopped working for a company. Six months later they sent a check for a recent holiday, one that she hadn't worked. Did she cash it? No, it wasn't her money. Did she send it back to the company? No, she didn't want to get the person in trouble who had accidentally cut the check. She just simply shredded it. I've just never met someone so honest and concerned about others.

9. She is shy. Soooo shy. Like will let me talk on the phone for her shy.

10. She is SO funny. She can make me laugh when no one else can.

11. She wants everyone to be happy. If you are having a down day, she does anything she can to cheer you up.

12. She is an amazing scrapper. See her Gallery if you don't believe me.

13. She has experienced more pain in her 30 years than some experience in a lifetime, and she doesn't complain about it.

14. She didn't grow up with a loving, soft mother figure in her life...and yet she is the most loving and softhearted person I know.

15. She puts up with Me. Enough said.

16. She is old enough to be life....but not hard enough to have given up on it .... on love.... on life...

17. She is a REALLY good cook!

18. She makes no excuses for who she is.

19. She takes care of two special needs in and day out, and only grumbles a little.

20. She'll share anything with anyone. Except she won't share Oreos. But can you blame her?

21. She sings. Often. Loud. And Pretty Good!

22. She'll drop what she's doing to ride to the store with me. In her jammies. At midnight.

23. She lets me call her "hooker" and doesn't bat an eyelash.

24. She's ever the peacemaker.

25. She is the most fun to be around!

26. She can down a margarita better than anyone I know.

27. She doesn't watch scary movies when I'm around.

28. She goes without so that she can provide for her kids.

29. She forgave me....for that one thing I did that one time...

30. Because I could write 30 more things....(yes, I made this cake for you. Sorry it doesn't look prettier. I'll be upstairs with it in a little bit...along with your birthday donut!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The One With The Zoo!

Going to the Louisville Zoo was one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had! The animals were interesting, the husbands and children behaved themselves ;) and the rain stayed away!

the kids were so excited!

the orangutan was my personal favorite!

the zoo had a gigantic playground that we let the kids play on at lunchtime. I'm not sure what this pouty face was about but it sure was funny!

Julian's looking at him like, "what's he doing? there's too much excitement to fall asleep!"

Naomi couldn't see anything unless someone picked her up of course! She alternated riding in the stroller and walking by herself, and spent plenty of time on Papa's shoulders, or being held up, stroller and all.

We saw so many cool animals and had such a good time...but I figured I had better keep the post manageable so there are 7 of my favorite photos of the day.

I still love the Cincinnati Zoo for the manatee building, but the Louisville Zoo was fun too!

*blog accessories for this post from Sherri Tierney's Gone Wild Kit at Elemental Scraps*

I hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The One With An Independence Day Recap

So I finally got around to going through some of my 4th of July photos! I have so many it was hard to pick...and I only whittled the list down to you'll have to imagine the fireworks we set off, k? (They were pretty.) ;)

Here are all of the kids in their getups. Photos are difficult with this many!

the babies were ready for a nap. we were grilling lunch and trying to have them wait it out!
we let the older kids play with sparklers...they really enjoyed it!

we baked yummy cupcakes!

and this pinata was the hit of the day (excuse the bad pun). But it was!

We really had a very enjoyable day at home despite the on again/off again sprinkling. I hope you had a pleasant holiday!

I have zoo photos to show you tomorrow...I'm going through them and they are SO cute! Today's plans are fairly low-key so I should have time to get caught up!

Until next time friends...have a great day ;)