Monday, January 25, 2010

The One With The Small Setback

So it would appear I've had a minor setback. Tomorrow I'll be 4 weeks post-op from my abdominal surgery and I was recovering well, or at least I thought. I *sort of* got the kids back last week. I say sort of because the first day was really rough, I overdid it, and we had to revert to a time-share...kind of slowly reintroducing me to the world of parenting a VERY rambunctious one year old and a precocious three year old, all while trying to heal.

Last night I went to the ER and was given my marching orders, the raised eyebrow, the stern talking-to that they are not called "doctor's suggestions", they are called "doctor's orders".

Oh wait, let me back up and explain.

The kids came home on Tuesday. Tuesday was awful. I can't NOT lift these kids. Parker is always trying to climb on something, I have to get him down. Naomi can't get up on her barstool by herself to eat. You get the picture. Wednesday they stayed with Tab so I could recover from Tuesday.

Thursday I fell down the stairs.

Yep, slipped on mud. It's been rainy here. Friday I was recovering from that. Well by Saturday I felt well and I got the kids back, presumably for the final time this time. James and I took the kids to the park. Do you think I managed to not lift either child at all? No. Then we took them for haircuts. On Sunday we went to James' family's house and again...lots of overdoing it. I picked them up over and over again. I thought that because I was doing it from a seated position it would be ok.

By last night I was wishing for death my pain was so great. Needless to say, I'm home, alone again *sniff* and resting. I miss my kids so much! At this point it has been so long since they've been down here with me full time it actually feels strange. It was so nice to have them back this weekend and it felt back to normal...but obviously my body isn't ready for back to normal. So they're going to stay with Tab another week...maybe even two. Two weeks will get me to my 6 week post op mark and I should get the all clear from my doctor to resume normal activity.

Do I have a point? I suppose it is ... if you have surgery and you are feeling well...still take it easy...I'm reminded constantly of "what a major surgery this was" by the doctors and nurses and my friends at the hysterectomy board. I guess I've just felt so well that I pushed myself too hard. Also...if a loved one of yours has surgery like this...remind them of the same. It's hard because when you are feeling well, those around you expect that you are back to normal but it's really not time to be overdoing it.

There's no good segue but here are my P365 photos for the weekend:

Saturday my new camera bag came in the mail:

and here's a shot of Parker at James' dad's house yesterday. He was quite easily entertained with a cup for a while...they kids even fought over it. Go figure.

I'll probably forgo 'To-Do Tuesday" tomorrow, as I'm ordered to not do that much! Instead, I'll round up more of our photos from this weekend...the park stuff especially, and share more with you...I may be regretting it now, but it still was an amazingly fun weekend! :)


Laura said...

Take it easy mama! It took me a full 6 weeks (or more) to be able to lift the kids after my abdominal sugery. I LOVE your cammy bag. SO cute.

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

I can't imagine lifting the girls after having major surgery! Milk it while you can! LOL No really...hope you feel better soon and can get your kids back!

Tracy said...

Oh Lena, take it easy. Hope you're feeling better soon.

~Angie said...

OMG...soooo sorry to here you are feeling bad...take it easy and get well soon :) LOVE your new camera bag!!!

Chantal Miller said...

Take it easy Lena. They will back with you soon

Jessica said...

Hope you start feeling better soon!! I remember after having my c-section having to do so much and not having anyone at home to help. It really sucks when you feel like normal but still cant do everything you want to

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. It is so hard to take it easy when you have small kids

Michelle (mishou) said...

i hope you feel better real soon! it's hard to "take it easy" on a good day so when you're feeling like that and you miss your kids, that must be so hard!
ps: that camera bag is divine!

Heather Greenwood said...

LOVE the new camera bag... hope you're relaxing and feeling better soon.