Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The One With Karma

Do you believe in karma?

One of my favorite sayings is that you don't have to believe in karma for it to happen to you.

Last night, I James and I met at a halfway point between the college he teaches at on Tuesday afternoons and where I live. The town doesn't have a lot there but we enjoyed Cracker Barrel and afterward were sitting in his car for a few minutes chatting, about to part ways. When I saw this strange man hovering near my car.

I then watched him checking handles at various cars across the way from us. James and I sat there, stunned. Then he managed to get into a car and was rifling around. That's when we went back into the Cracker Barrel and got the manager. They called the police but they were unsuccessful in apprehending him. At least they were able to scare him off though.

I feel bad that they didn't catch him but I'm glad he at least was stopped for the time being. I really think that if it were my car he had been rifling through, and someone else was witnessing it, that they would have done the same thing as me. I hope so, at least. Maybe I stopped someone's things from getting stolen last night, and that's a good feeling--doing a good thing and hoping that karma noticed ;)

And...onwards and upwards...the winner of my random drawing yesterday...
So, SidebySide, you'll receive a $5 Gift Card to Shawna Clingerman's shoppe...congrats! (and congrats on all those photos too!)

I have my 5 week post op appointment this morning so I'm outta here...will chat you bloggers up tomorrow! :)


Wolfie said...

I'm glad you were there to see it so he could be stopped...That'll bring some good Karma your way for sure.(and some bad Karma his way, I think)

Chantal Miller said...

I so do believe in Karma. So sorry you had to witness it though.

Jessica said...

That happened to my husband and I too. We were at the flea market one day. We had taken my son there to ride go-karts next door and when we came back to our car I noticed handprints all over the window and my gasket was pulled down. Well a few cars down there was a girl just standing in front of a truck looking all around and then I notice there is a guy kneeling beside the truck with a slim-jim trying to unlock the vehicle. It was a really expensive vehicle and the girl and guy just looked out of place next to it plus they were acting really weird so my husband and I went to the front entrance and told security gaurds about it and they followed us there where the guy was still trying to get in the truck. I have no doubt that the guy and girl were trying to break into vehicles. They most likely tried to get into ours as well. Heck they might have but would have been very disappointed because we never leave valuables in our car.

Laura said...

Hope your appointment went well!