Monday, April 19, 2010

The One With The New Adoption

I name my electronics. Mnemonically.

I have two Toshiba laptops. When I got the second one, had it been a Dell or another brand, I would have referred to them as such. But since they were both Genus:laptop Species:Toshiba, I was kind of screwed. I spent a whole week calling them the old laptop and the new laptop before I figured out a solution. I named them Norah (N for New) and Olivia (O for Old).

Well of course it didn't stop there.

Shortly thereafter my television broke. It was an old CRT and I'd been eyeing the flat-paneled ones for quite awhile so I found an RCA on sale and adopted her, and named her Ruby. (R for RCA)

Well this weekend Olivia started having problems with her charging jack and I ordered her a new part. She is going to have to go completely under for surgery with surgeon Tim and be sautered back together. I got to worrying about the stability of my little two-computer family. What if Olivia didn't make it back from the surgery? What if the part doesn't work and (covers Norah's speakers while I whisper to you) she needs a new motherboard?

I know it seems're wondering why I need so many computers. Well I use them for backup. I store my files in multiple places. Nathan uses the computer. Naomi even has gotten to the age where she likes to use the computer (some).

I talked to Tim, and asked him if he knew anybody. Tim is my sister's boyfriend, for those who don't know, and he works on computers. He always knows someone who has a computer for sale. Tim knows how to restore them and make them shiny and new. He of course, did know someone. Two phone calls, three hours, and one trip to the next town over later, I had a new *desktop* in my apartment! I know, I know! I'm not really a desktop kind of girl. They are bulky. But they are sturdy. It's not exactly a workhorse. 2 gigs of ram, 320 mb hd, and the monitor was icky big, and the keyboard was icky broken. Paid $100 for basically just the tower, dropped $40 on a new wireless mouse/keyboard/speakers set, and hooked the baby up to my TV! It's the best kind of recycling because the computer has found a new home. Like adopting a puppy instead of going to the pet store. Adopting a computer instead of going to Office Depot. Though, they do really love me at Office Depot.

Anyway, I named her Delilah. (D for Desktop). She's hooked up to Ruby (R for RCA). We're one big happy family but we like it that way.


Darcy Baldwin said...

Coming from a family where we have more computers than living beings in our house (and that's including all 3 cats!), I get ya on the having backups! Even our TV has it's own computer (where we store our media files). Congrats on being a new adoptive mommy!

Laura said...

i love you lena.

Heather Greenwood said...

Congrats on the desktop... I LOVE her name :)

DawnMarch said...

We have a ton of computers for different uses in our house too. Sounds like you got a great deal!

Col said...

Bahahahaha, you crack me up Lena, I love it!

Anonymous said...

This post so made me smile!

I personally have 2 laptops, one more that needs a new hard drive, my mom's desktop, my dad/brother's old desktop (no, they aren't the same person, they just share a computer because they don't have the computing needs my mother and I have) and we have a ridiculous amount of televisions. I mean, TRULY ridiculous.

Sounds like a great deal. And the names are adorable.

Balinda said...

Loved what ya named her...ur a nut!