Monday, January 12, 2009

The One With The Tabula Rasa I'm declaring a tabula rasa with the P365 photos....I have been taking them and not finding time to post them or here is the catch up...and we'll try to get back on track tomorrow!

We begin with Day 5....when Parker was quite ill...(he's better now...antibiotics rule!)

Day 6 I woke up sporting a healthy case of bed head.

Day 7 we played in the cold...for a minute.

Day 8 we worked on potty training :)

Day 9 I captured a catnap.

Day 10: grocery shopping...bleh.

day 11: organizing the cabinets

Which brings us to today. Parker is pulling up on EVERYTHING. Which means he's falling down on everything too. He spent all day cruising the furniture. a bit much considering he's not even 8 months. I don't like it!
So there you have it. My clean slate. I will try to post more. I didn't realize that my hubby (hi David) was reading my blog so I'll do better for him, if nothing else :D

Have a good one!

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Amanda said...

Parker's got a big sister to keep up with! My sister said her little girl (5 mos) is pulling up already! The doctor said she probably won't even crawl. Better her than me I say.