Thursday, July 2, 2009

The One With A Splash :)

We had a blast at Kentucky Splash today! Despite slathering on SPF 50 over and over, I somehow feel a little pink this evening anyway...which means tomorrow I'll probably be grumpy and burnt!

My wonderful husband has agreed to let me sleep in tomorrow (9 a.m. here I come) so I figured I'd blog this evening! The photos really tell the story so there's not a lot to say, but here are the highlights of our day (before I tucked the Canon safely away in a locker so I could quit fretting about ruining my camera and start enjoying the day :-) ... )

Tomorrow we are going to see Ice Age 3 and possibly revisit the splash know we have to wear the kids out every day! I hope you have a great day!


Tracy said...

That place looks really cool! I know what you mean though, we went to the Nickelodeon Hotel and I was so worried about the camera for the first hour. Finally I put it away and started going down the slides with L.J. We had so much fun despite not having it on film.

Catherine Dewbre said...

I love your photos! Very expressive!

LaurenR said...

omg that place looks like a blast!!! and i hear ya on the camera... i never take mine to water parks because 1) don't wanna get it wet 2) i'm paranoid it will get stolen in a locker! bwhhahahahah yeah i'm a loon! does cannon have a digi waterproof camera!??!?! ;) oox

Kresta said...

Looks like lots of fun!!