Saturday, July 4, 2009

The One With Stinky Insomnia

Happy Sunday, bloggers!

I have a ton of photos to share with you, but I probably won't share them until tomorow!

On Friday we took the kids to see Ice Age 3 and went back to the Mill St. Splash Pad. I got some pretty cute shots of them!

Today we had a great Fourth at home. We grilled, played with sparklers, smashed a pinata full of candy, played in the pool and set off fireworks before bed.

However, I have been quietly suffering with some cruddy (non serious) medical junk that I haven't been sharing...and I'm on a hefty dose of steroids right now...complete with a steroid injection last night...which means---NO SLEEP!

I'm trying to go to sleep because we are getting up early tomorrow to take the kids to the Louisville Zoo. (okay, okay...I know what you're thinking. Don't they ever stop?) But hey, it's only summer once a year :) It's a two hour drive to the closest zoo (same distance to the Louisville Zoo or the Cincy Zoo and we've been to Cincy Zoo a gazillion times). So off to Louisville we go....

But I'm going to be tired from the Steroid-Induced-Jittery-Can't-Sleep-No-Good-Insomnia.

The upside is... I'll be back on Monday with lots of pics!


Melissa said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun ... except for the medical problems. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your trip to the zoo.

Bev said...

enjoy the summer! It doesn't last long!

Crystal said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the shots and lack of sleep. Feel better soon!

Scapa said...

Insomnia sucks, it haunts me from time to time and I hate it...! But I guess you'll get a great day at the zoo anyway, wish I could join you 'cause I love being at the zoo :-)

thaliris said...

I'm from dst. Nice blog and pages. Very beautiful pictures!!! very fun!!!