Saturday, February 7, 2009

Musing on birthdays...

Sweet Shoppe's From our Blog to Yours for February 5th was to blog about your birthday memories.

Even though growing up we were never poor or rich, gifts just didn't come between birthdays or Christmas. Having a July birthday meant it was midyear for my parents. Between August and December I was told, "wait for Christmas", and between January and July I was told, "wait for your birthday!"

That being said, my mom always went out of her way to make my birthdays so special. I could have parties, I always got everything I wanted and more, and around the age of 10 I really began understanding how much work it took for her to make everything happen. I remember that year, not only did I get spoiled but I marveled that mama had had everything professionally wrapped. Now, really that was probably because she worked outside of the home and didn't have time to do it herself, but I remember gazing at the beautiful packages that graced the formal diningh room table for the whole week before my birthday, just salivating over my future loot. It is a very pleasant memory to think about :)

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Sus said...

What a wonderful birthday memory! It just made me remember back on my birthdays and my mom also alway made mine some wonderful memories for me. Thank you for reminding me to say thank you to her, since it my birthday today :o)