Thursday, February 12, 2009

the one with six things

i've been tagged by luann....and oh the pressure....she claims to have tagged me because i'm incredibly interesting. hmmmm, i don't know about that but i'm to tell you six things about me.

1. i'm generally one for capitalization and punctuation. but....i've had many incidents with my laptop in the last few months leaving my keys to be sticky and annoying. so....last night i sat and popped every key off. and used canned air on the board. and cleaned each key with a q tip and alcohol. i should have skipped all of that and just imbibed some alcohol. it was torture. me and my computer guy sat here and completed the task, only to leave me with a non working left shift key, my f5 and f11 keys won't pop back on and my fn key is only partway there.

you're not supposed to have leftover parts. :o

of course it was after all this that he told me i could just order a new keyboard and he could remove this one and screw on the new one. the new keyboards are $25.

w.t.h. he's fired.

i ordered one first thing this morning and it's coming from silicon valley so hopefully it will get here soon.

okay, he's fired after he puts the new keyboard in.

just kidding. if i had known how freaking inexpensive a new kb was i would have done much more exciting things with my evening yesterday.

like watching the grass grow.

2. i tell long stories.

3. i'm scared of nearly everything :p. esp. knives, fans, train tracks, railroad crossings, changing lightbulbs, falling out of the car (really? really.). i have no idea why i'm so squeamish.

4. i find visiting family incredibly relaxing because i don't take my laptop. yet i won't put the laptop away when i'm at home.

5. i'm really smart but that doesn't matter when you get older. i was a national merit finalist in high school, had a 4.0 average, had a full ride scholarship to college. i'm still pleased that i'm bright, but how does it really help me be a sahm? (wow, that was a bit cerebral for 8 a.m.)

6. i like using words and phrases that are lesser heard. not big words, just lesser used ones. words that often grace my vocabularly just because i like them are cerebral (see above), esoteric, diametrically opposed, mental acuity, presence of mind...i don't know why i like them, but i do. i also have a love of enunciation. i think all of this stems from my love of communication...i guess i can say a hobby of mine is talking ;)

7. i don't like following rules. so here are the six things about me :P


Amanda said...

LOL about the keyboard. That's about the story of my life.

gabs said...

LOL about the kayboard and not following the rules

Christine (supertwinkle) said...

I like words too! I love that you title your blog posts "The one with..." Just like "Friends"!

barb said...

enunciation is just a fun word to enunciate!

Kresta said...

You're funny! :)

And I do think being smart makes you a better SAHM -- at least that's what I tell myself. I think you probably make better choices for your children because of it.

Jessica said...

LOL.. i love big words and phrases. I use them all the time. the only problem is i cant spell them. ohhh ya.. my punctuation is horrid!

Jennifer W. said...

I've heard you can put your keyboard in the dishwasher. I just bought a new one. I suggest black, shows less ick.

Wookies Mama said...

The falling out of a car got me thinking, I get scared that if I'm really close to an edge with a drop, even like a barrier at the mall on the second floor, that I will jump on purpose. Crazy.

Eve said...

LOL yikes on the keyboard! I loved reading the 6 things about you though. ;)

manda said...

You're so freaking funny.

I had a similar problem with my keyboard, 'cept mine started about a year ago when my then 2 year old removed the keys for me. Most- not all- popped back on, and I've been typing without keys since then. You CAN love to do it. I eat at my keyboard- who am I kidding- I eat at everything. There are- I'm sure- enough popcorn kernels to rival a movie theater seat in the dark shadows of the laptop keyboard. DH finally talked me out of my laptop when he asked me to step back and take a look at her. She (her name is Opehlia) had quite a toothless grin. So, I'm on a new laptop- who is quite a stranger to me- he has no name yet. DH is replacing the keyboard on Ophelia and is going to give her to my dad. We'd give it to the now- three year old to putter on, but you know that all she'd do would be to tip those new keys off. We've tricked her. I picked her up a vtech computer looking thing at a yard sale and she thinks it is a computer.

KimG said...

Ok so I did have a friend that nearly fell out of the car in HS. Course we had like 10 of us piled in it and no one (gasp) was wearing a seat belt. And we were going 5 miles an hour through the Taco Bell Drive Thru. LOL!

Also I totally think being smart helps you as a SAHM. When the questions start coming, you can help them find the answers and help them love learning in general.

And did you read last Sunday's The Daily Digi about how we are building a cathedral? Seriously need to remind ourselves of that daily!

Ok girl, hope shopping was a success and Love the LOs!