Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The One With An Open Letter

Dear female coworkers,

Recently the bathrooms were repainted and it was requested that you stop flushing the toilets with your feet because it leaves footprints on the walls.




I pondered over this while I used the facilities the other day, running over the logistics in my head.

Enter stall.

Put down seat cover.

Tinkle and don't sprinkle.

Flush toilet with your shoe.

Open locking mechanism on the door with your shoe.

Oh wait...you can't do that.

Go to sinks, turn on water with your shoe.

Right, can't do that either.

But now, those of us with opposable thumbs who have flushed the toilet, opened the door, and turned on the water with our HANDS all have germs that you would normally find on said inanimate objects PLUS whatever is lurking on the bottom of your shoes.


It's called common sense. Pick some up at Target.

The New Girl.

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