Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The One Where Parents Snap

So, it's summmer....and I'm not sure what that means at your house but at our house it means a LOT of family activities.

And with a lot of family activities come a lot of parental insanity. Well, maybe not for everyone...but for us, when you have such a wide age gap between your kids, it makes it hard! Nathan is about to turn 9...and he wants to do "almost 9" year old things like bowling and bumper cars. Parker just turned 1 and he wants to do "just turned 1" things like play in the sandbox and poop in his diaper. It's hard to find things that they both enjoy.

Yesterday we went to the splash pad and I thought that would be enjoyable for everyone....but alas only Nathan enjoyed it. Parker and Naomi were NOT impressed.

Don't tell him but I think we're going to take Nathan to a water park on Thursday. We've given up and decided that the only way to please everyone is to please them separately. Naomi and Parker will have to stay with Tabatha. They'll have more fun at home anyway ;)

This is what happens when you take a 1 year old bowling:

When we went to Gatti Town Nathan said "Momm! Mommmm! Mommmmmm!" one time too many.

Ok so you know I'm just kidding. No children were actually harmed in the creation of this blog post. But the outtakes from our family outings are just too good to not share ;)

Till tomorrow, friends!


Audrey said...

great pictures -- so cute! I think your kiddos will really enjoy the one-on-one time too. There's a 5 year age difference in my girls, and we make sure to do separate trips every so often, too.

Jessica said...

LOL I have so had those moments with my kids!! Hope you have fun at the waterpark!!

Eve said...

LOL I hear ya girlfriend, we can get a padded room together? LOL

Amanda said...

I totally get it. My boys are 8 and 2. With my husband away for all of July, it's only me to figure it out. That usually means a lot of stroller time for my 2yo. I think we're going to check out Summerfest that our town holds though. The schedule looks like it has lots they can both do for the best price - free!