Saturday, June 27, 2009

The One With The Public Library

I was rifling through my June photos and I found something I wanted to show you.

The public library where I live is AWESOME!

It's a half an hour away which is a bit un-fun....but it has so much to offer!

I wanted to show you all of the stuff my kidlets and I have been doing at the library this summer besides reading! We've been going about twice a week.

We could spend hours there (and sometimes we do! Nathan enjoys it because he gets some peace and quiet...and he can use the computer. The kids run around from station to station acting like they've never seen toys before. Because obviously we don't have toys at our house ;)

Anywhoo.....just thought I'd share with you and let it be a PSA that you may want to see what your library has besides books! :-)


amy said...

our library has some great stuff for kids stuff too! :)

Karen said...

Wonderful photos!
The library is a fun place!

gabs said...

oh I love your pics!

Amanda said...

That's awesome! We haven't been to our library because it's in a crappy location and parking is such a pain. I do need to get online and see what they offer for the kids this summer though.

Love the blog makeover too!