Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The One Where I Pretend I Have Readers

So not a single person knows this blog even exists. I have no readers. The whole world thinks I have sworn of blogging for all of eternity. Okay, not really. I always said I might come back. In any case...I won't be ready to unveil the new blog for a few more days yet. I keep encrypting videos and the videos keep disappearing because they have been taken down off of youtube....I think I'm going to have to pop up an old song so that it will stay! I also have a few kinks to work out on my blogger template.

Once it is ready I'll announce and hope I can get a few readers...and I'll send out emails en masse to my friends and family announcing that they can get their news here from now on ;) And the grandparents can get their grandchildren fix.

So right now in the meantime I'm still blogging, but for no one. It makes this kind of like a fun secret journal :)

I'm rambling because I'm tired. A lot has happened since I blogged last and I'll have to catch you all up on a lot of fronts...but I did have an adorable baby and I'd like to share some photos of him. He's sweet. :)


April said...

Oh my goodness how precious are these photos!

meems said...

adorable adorable photos

Bobbie said...

He's adorable and those photos are AMAZING!! Nice job!!