Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The One With A Good Laugh

So, I need one more Sweet Rewards point to hit 30 points and get a 40% discount next month! I did this quiz and it gave me a really good laugh. What kind of music are you?

You Are Hip-Hop Music

You are expressive, intense, and often misunderstood.

You appreciate being entertained, and you're not easily offended.

You don't shy from controversy or from having opinions.

And while you have a strong personality, deep down you just like to have fun.

This is funny because I don't really listen to hip hop. I don't dislike it, it's just not what I normally listen to. All is well because I needed a good laugh today anyway ;) The children didn't want to nap. Nuff Said. LOL!

Also...just a quick plug. I'm starting to work on my article for the DST Insider that will be published in September. (yes...September ;)....) and if you are a designer who would like to answer a question and be featured in the "We Asked, You Answered" feature, email me! My email is at the bottom of the blog :) I'll take the first 7 responders who are willing to submit to my incessant question asking.

That's all from me tonight bloggers. Have a happy Wednesday!


AfriDigiDiva said...

Had to get in and out because I was listening to something else :) and you know me and music autoplay.

I'm definitely HIPHOP with a tad of jazz thrown in for good measure.

Tallula Moon said...

VERY cool blog. I did the little quiz and I have to agree, the music style they picked for me doesn't fit. It was good for a laugh and a post though. THANKS!

Gina said...

Well, I wouldn't call you hip-hop, either, but it's just like the question, "If you were a farm animal, what would you be and why?" If you put it in that context, you can probably see the hip-hop analogy. Cute. Good luck with the DST article. If you still need help, drop me a line.

Eve said...

I am classical music! I think it fits me pretty well!

Lynn said...

very cute! can't wait to read your article! x

Melissa said...

I was classical music, good luck with your article.

Barb said...

I am Classical Music according to the quiz, but I think I'm more hip hop at heart!

Bobbie said...

LOL You HipHop? Maybe it's because of the BUSY lifestyle ;)