Sunday, July 27, 2008

The One With The Little Personalities

So here are two more layouts from my CT frenzy this week! All of my creative teams decided to release fantastic kits all at once {do you hear me complaining? it was just awful.}. I loved that I was able to do duel layouts about my darling children! I am pleased with how they turned out too :)

Today I didn't get much online time because it was H.O.T. The laptop in my lap sounded incredibly unappealing. The air conditioning is acting wonky and that places dread in my heart because we have two more months of summer here in good 'ole Kentucky. It has spontaneously shut itself off twice this week. Today being one of the times...and due to a complicated turn of events we couldn't get to the breaker box to mess with it for several hours...

So we went swimming :P We had a great time out at our Aunt's pool and got some wonderful pictures. All of the kids came home tired, cranky, and overstimulated though. I will share some pictures and a short video of our trip....tomorrow maybe? Right now I'm sleepy and I'm off to dream about Forks. ;)


ScrapShana said...

Oh, I hear you on the heat. Hot and humid southern summer. Thank God for air conditioning! ;)

Flohbock said...

The Lo's are very nicely... the pictures are so sweet.

I like your music on your Blog... ;o)

greeting Manu

Bobbie said...

Ewww!! Our central air was on the blink a few weeks ago and it was SO not fun! It made a miserable couple days. I hope you get it figured out! It's great to see some of your pages again. Naomi is ADORABLE and Nathan is growing so much!! Great job on them!!