Thursday, July 31, 2008

The One Where It Is August Already?

I honestly think the older I get, the faster time goes by. I hate to state the obvious...I just can't believe it is August already. *sigh*

Things are gonna be CRAZY for a I have errands to run and this weekend my dad and stepmom are coming down...then bright and early Monday morning I begin my two-week vacation...just me and all 3 kids...we will have a rental car and 5 stops to make...wish me the patience of Job. ;) I am so looking forward to it.....and the lappy is going with me so you'll get updates every bit of the way...I'm sure there will be plenty of reading material!

We'll stop at a friend's in Southern KY, then go to my mom's in Northern TN, drop in on another friend in Memphis, and end up in Tampa to see my stepdad and all of my family there for a week. Then we'll do it all in reverse, only dropping in on different friends on the way back up! We'll end with a camping weekend with my dad and stepmom in Northern KY on my way back to returning Nathan to his dad's in Ohio. I'm exhausted just reading it.

So nothing exciting to report today...I didn't get a layout done because I was reading Eclipse! Tabatha and I are going to a release party for Breaking Dawn tomorrow night at midnight. If you don't know what I'm talking about and would like to know, click HERE.

And, a little toot! I'm guest CT-ing for Kristin Cronin Barrow at the Sweet Shoppe this month! I'm pretty excited about it...I used her kit Cherry Blossoms to make the blog header! check out her shoppe...I'll be showing you lots of KCB layouts this month I'll bet! :)


Penn Family said...

Your blog header is just adorable!!

Congrats on the guest spot!

Armina said...

i knew how it feels to travel with kids, esp. you have a baby, you'll need more vitamins for you :D

afridigidiva said...

I figured out how to do it! I get here and then I click on the comments section and then I read the post from there. HA!
Thanks for stopping by my humble abode.

Good deal on the CT gig. You deserve it. I don't envy your vacation. Hubby is planning on taking me to Grand Cayman's for our anniversary. I don't want anyone under 40 within eyesight or earshot! Takes lots of pictures.

afridigidiva said...

Oh yeah! I can't run for office. My skeletons have skeletons and once a week they have a committee meeting.

Barb said...

Have a great trip, Lena! You're brave to do all that car travel with two kids and a newborn!

Congrats on KCB's team! Awesome!

thumper6423 said...

Good luck on the road trip! I did 10.5 hours in the car with a 3yo by myself while DH was in Iraq and thought that was bad. Looking back, I'd do it again though. We had fun.

Jacinda said...

Congatulations on the guest CT. KCB is one of my very favourite designers. I don't envy you traveling that far with young kidlets. All I can say is good luck and pack a lot of patience. LOL.

Bobbie said...

I hope the vacation goes well girlie!! You deserve it!!