Saturday, August 2, 2008

The One With Happy Stuff

So first thing is first...I'm participating in Sweet Shoppe's FOBTY and they have asked for me to show a layout that makes me happy. Honestly all of my layouts make me happy but I found this one:

I had Parker just a few days after that picture and the reason it makes me happy is because even though I was SOOO huge!....I was still so happy and content...trying to enjoy the last moments of my very last pregnancy. :)

I scrapped like a MADWOMAN today! I have new material because my brother's girlfriend had a baby yesterday! I did this layout of the new baby:

and took this photo of him for the Shutterbug Shakedown: Smile

I'm going to scrap it soon! I love the photo of him...he looks SO proud!

I also did a Parker layout today and a Nathan layout...and if I weren't so tired I'd do some more...just in a scrapping mood!
So that's really all from me...I am going on vacation for two weeks on Monday but I'll still be around....I'm preemptively scrapping en masse to prepare for the lull while I relax with my kiddos for a few weeks :)

Have a great Sunday :)


afridigidiva said...

Lena those are really cute layouts.
I totally understand about picking a layout of my own that I like. I like them all! It's like saying pick your favorite child (well it's difficult if you have more than one HA!)

Enjoy your Sunday!

lorig said...

Great pages. Wow, you were busy. You definitely look happy in the first one and your brother looks very proud.

Sara E said...

ok......... again.... I LOVE that song!!! I think I could just keep that playing all night :)

anyway, very very cute LOs as always too, I really love the little newborn one a bunch... along with the proud papa brother pic :), his smile is great

thumper6423 said...

So many babies being born in August this year. We've had 2 so far amongst family and friends. Your layouts are always so cute!

Elaine said...

What cute layouts, you were definitely big, but oh so happy looking, great blog, TFS

michellewaite1 said...

Great layouts.

Bobbie said...

I LOVE those layouts. Congrats to your brother. What an adorable page you did!!