Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The One With The Rough Day

I had one of those know the ones when you wish your kids weren't little? I love having small babies but some days I get tired of having one on the hip and one on the other hip, LOL! I think it is expected to have days like one has all great days at their job. Naomi felt it was her job today to follow me around and undo everything I did. So, I decided to scrap her see her smiling face in 2D after she had already zonked out for the night...a sweet little girl who is smart and, well....into everything! :)

Here's to another interesting day :)


Nikki said...

I have days like this -- only opposite! :)

I hate the attitudes of 12 year old boys. I'm firmly against preteen and teen years. It's just not right. LOL

I hope today is better for you! :)

Rona said...

Awww, what a sweet layout! I understand what you mean...I had 3 kids in 3 years, LOL!

btw, I looove your blog header!

Bev said...

What a darling layout! She is so adorable! I love the little age but I really enjoy the age now of 9 and 12 . I know they have attitude sometimes but they are generally fun and you don't have to put up with the temper tantrums!

Monique said...

lol, sounds like quite a day. Beautiful layout, and what a great idea to finish a rough day by reminding yourself of the beautiful moments too. It definitely helps with those occasional "long" days... lol. Have a great day!

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Oh my, I understand that! I have those kinds of days about once a week at least. :-) Cute, cute layout - great idea for making yourself feel better!