Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The One With The Beach Photos

First of all, a woman should never try to take a 2 month old, a 1 year old, and a 7 year old to the beach by herself. Nathan wanted in the water, I couldn't go with him because I was holding both smaller children. Naomi was scared because the ground was moving beneath her (that's what it feels like when you are standing in the ankle deep water, kwim?). Nathan was mad because I wouldn't let him go in past his knees. Parker was pretty oblivious to it all. I ws tired from walking through the sand with Naomi on one hip and Parker's carrier in my other hand. But alas, here was our last day of vacation, at Clearwater Beach. All in all it turned out pretty fun.

First we have Naomi laughing at the birds. She got SO tickled by them.

A few of my little fish, Nathan:

And wouldn't you know Naomi has taken a phase of refusing to look at the camera? Makes it interesting!

But my Nathan always cooperates!

So that's all from me for tonight. We have an allergist appointment for Naomi tomorrow so I had probably hit the hay. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my pictures with me....can you just feel the sand between your toes? :0)


Kelsey said...

Absolutely Adorable Photos!

Mousey said...

You are so very game taking all of them to the beach by yourself! LOL my hats off to you!

Gorgeous photos. Looks like a lovely albeit tiring last day of vacation :)

Elaine said...

Your kiddies are absolutely adorable, my granddaughter refuses to look at the camera unless I tell her that it's okay I'll take her sisters photo instead. Then she is more than glad to look at me.
I just love the beach and beach photos, these are fantastic ones

Eve said...

Aww they are so adorable!! You are brave also, I wouldn't go to the beach with just my 2 and they are 3 and 6 LOL

Lynn said...

She's adorable though, Jake only looks up AFTER he hears the click, and THEN smiles. Aye.
Alex always cooperates! LOL!
Well, I was thinking of the beach the next weekend, but have decided against it now. I only have the two, but with the two in the belly, think I'd be better off if daddy were here to take them with me!
Can't wait for trip details!
Love you!

Barb said...

You are a brave chick to take your three little tykes to the beach by yourself, Lena! Great pics, Naomi is just so cute!