Thursday, October 23, 2008

The One With The Victory Rally

Today was a big day! My roommate Susan and I had tickets to go see Gov Sarah Palin speak here in town. Naomi had stayed at Nana's house last night and we dropped Parker off this morning and headed over to Hobart Arena to see the penultimate hockey mom speak to 6,000 people in a hockey arena.

It was a little chilly outside but not really too bad. Here we were waiting in line, which is something we did for about 45 minutes before we could see the entrance. As we approached, we saw the TSA checkpoint and everyone started rifling through their purses to see what they needed to pull out. They said to have out anything metal. So of course, I pulled out my keys, my cell phone, and my camera. I pulled off my button as instructed and I continued to inspect the contents of my purse. Who else but a mom of a toddler could have ONE shoe, an umbrella, two plastic bracelets, a toy bottle and a large metal spoon also in her purse? Susan actually instructed me to throw the spoon away she was laughing so hard. I mean, who carries around a spoon? I'm going to get that Naomi ;) We made it through TSA just fine you see our Rosie the Riveter buttons? We made those before we went...which was a good idea because they were selling them for $3...we saved a little dough :)

So we arrived at 8:45 and got in about 9:45...and our tickets said it began at noon. But at noon, Sarah Palin did not come out. Some guys came out and started setting up guitars and stuff. Then they announced that Tracy Lawrence was going to do a concert! Of course the crowd went wild. Now, I'm not a country music is fine, I can take or leave the music for the most part, but a free concert is a free concert! He sang Find Out Who Your Friends Are, If The World Was Your Front Porch, and a handful of other songs. It was very cool but unfortunately I only got photographs from the rear ;)

When John Boehner introduced Sarah Palin, she came out and they hugged...and ummm, I know it's completely innocent but Mr. Boehner appears to be attempting to cop a feelskie (*giggles*). The real reason I watermarked the photos today was so that we don't see that photo on the cover of US Weekly next week with a lascivious title. Honestly, even hearing John Boehner speak was nice...he is SO charismatic!

And here are a few pictures of Governor Palin.

I liked the perspective of this photo because you can see Piper, Willow, and Mr. Palin listening to her speak. One of the funnier moments of the speech was when she introduced him as "My man, the First Dude of Alaska." And off topic a bit but it was SO sweet to hear her bragging on him about all of his snow sled championships and such.

And to give you some perspective on how I was working the zoom overtime, here is a photo with no was how I was really seeing things. Pretty cool, huh? From start to finish I was gone exactly 6 hours and let me TELL YOU! As a mom to an exclusively nursing 5 month old, that was TORTURE! That last hour I wasn't sure what I was going to do. And who would be sitting next to me, but two sisters with an 11 week old son and a 12 week old daughter. Oooh, salt in the wounds. My chichi's were so mad at me and I've never been so happy to pick up Parker in my life. The babies had on little McCain was cute!

Thanks for letting me share my very cool moment yesterday. It truly felt like I was part of a neat moment in history. Regardless of what your political views are, civic responsibility is such a huge thing! Be sure to get out and vote for your candidate!

Be sure to check back tomorrow...I have a great story to tell has it all...outrage, conspiracy, adventure and heartache...(okay I'm being melodramatic, but it's a good story). See you tomorrow!


Donna B. Miller said...

Wow, Lena, you did such a great job of relating your day that I felt like I was right there with you. I didn't realize Palin was soooo tiny. Great pix.

Kresta said...

Sounds like a great time! And those really are great pics for being so far away!!

Jan Connair said...

Nice photography! Sounds like you had a very interesting and enjoyable trip.

jessica said...

sounds like a really awesome day!! I really like Sarah Palin from what I have seen of her on tv. I would have loved to have seen her speak live too.

Brandy said...

Awesome, awesome pics!! :) You have an awesome zoom on that camera of yours girl!

Sounds like you two had a great time! :)

Sara E said...

how very cool... and,dang, your zoom is soooooo fabulous!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Awesome photos! I would love to go to a rally for any of the candidates. I think it would be a neat experience no matter who was talking

Jacinda said...

Love your photos Lena. I could only WISH my photos were that good.