Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The One With The Busy Weekend Planned!

David graduates from Basic Training next week so we are brimming with excitement right now! I have a busy long weekend planned....of scrapping. I'm trying to stay offline as much as possible between now and Monday and working on my backlog of layouts from Nathan's and Naomi's pregnancies so that I can order a compiled pregnancies album with my Shutterfly coupon before it expires on Monday. It's a project I'm really excited about. I ordered some calendars last week and a 50 page book on Saturday...and guess what? My book is already here and looks great! I'm so excited! That was my 6th volume printed and I get giddy every time I see my stuff in print.

I got a new 'do today and can't wait to share it with you so look for that soon (move over Victoria Beckham, there's a new pixie in town! ;) )

And...someone told me today that my blog song made them sad. *GASP!* I definitely don't want that, so I'll be getting around to changing that very soon too! No need in making my readers sad. Bored maybe, but never sad :P

On the family sister is pregnant and I'm thrilled for her! Being an aunt is the best thing ever! Congrats Tabatha!

And that's really all that's new around here...I'll chat with you tomorrow my friends!


maag said...

Wow Congrats to her, and the kids are growing so fast...
Have a great day,

Dielle said...

Fun that you got a new haircut you love! Good luck with the scrapping! I'm so easily distracted that I don't get done nearly as many LOs as I'd like.

Barb said...

Can't wait to see your new do!

Lisa Joy said...

Congrats to your sister.
Can't wait to see your new do.

Jan Connair (Magpie) said...

Hi from the DST blog train! How exciting that your dh is nearing graduation from basic training.

Congrats on getting those Shutterfly books ordered. You are a better woman than I--I am far far behind!

MrsRomer said...

Not sure if it's the same song that is still playing now, but it's beautiful. Food for thought - we can't remove every little thing that makes someone sad (especially when it's such a powerful message), and if we don't experience sadness, can we truly appreciate happiness???

Laura said...

I love new haircuts! Congrats to your sister and yay! for your hubby graduating!

Lynn said...

Aww Congrats Tab! And I can't wait to see the new do!
Me, I am big as a house these days, ready to pop, want these girls OUT!
Hope you're well.